Author Bio

headshotI was born in Lewiston, Idaho, right across the Snake River from Clarkston, Washington. If you guessed that Lewiston was named after Lewis and Clarkston was named after Clark, you’d be absolutely correct! They camped there on their way to the Pacific Ocean.

After Idaho, I moved to Iowa. Idaho vs. Iowa? That’s very confusing for some people. I attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and studied poetry writing. I met my husband, Cameron Stracher, there. He’s also a writer.

I also went to Finland for a year when I got a Fulbright scholarship to study Finnish poetry. I had fun, even when it got dark at TWO IN THE AFTERNOON during winter.

Cameron and I moved to New York City. We lived there for 9 years and ate a lot of Ethiopian and Chinese food and learned how to hail a cab. I taught 7th and 9th grade English for a while (fun) and I taught kids in a program called Prep for Prep.

Now we live in Connecticut with our two kids (their combined height is 12 feet and 2 inches) and our two Golden Retrievers, who love ice water in their dog bowl and sitting at my feet while I write. I love to write for hours, spend time with my family, and teach my amazing students in Writopia Lab, a creative writing program for kids.

Some facts about me:

  • A cat can out-stare me any time. Brrr!
  • I love salsa but I hate ketchup.
  • I can ski but I can’t waterski.
  • I’ve had pet cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, and goldfish. I’ve never had a pet gerbil.

I love writing novels, but also love to write poetry and essays. My “Bus Rides” essay appeared in Brain Child’s print magazine. “Vacation Nightmare” is an award-winning essay featured in Ladies Home Journal. My “Some Trees” essay was in Westport Magazine. My writing has also appeared in Salon and print editions Serendipity Magazine.